4 Advantages of using Cloud Storage

“What is cloud storage?”

Cloud Storage is this magical invention where you can store all your valuable data online and can access it from any location with a simple username and password. (Provided that you have an internet connection).

Most people are switching over from External Hard Drives to a more reliable storage solution.

So why would you want to make use of Cloud Storage?

4 Advantages of using cloud storage:



  1. Accessibility

When you’re using Cloud Storage, accessing your data has never been easier. All your important documents, pictures and videos are at your fingertips . This means no hassles with flashdrives, harddrives and discs. Everything can be conveniently sorted and ready to be used anytime, anywhere.

  1. Backups

Making Backups is a long and tedious task, which usually involves deleting old files and adding the updated ones. When storing your data locally, you usually have to have a few separate backups because, well, what if one gets stolen or broken?

With Cloud Storage, even if your whole computer gets stolen, with all your harddrives and flashdrives and discs, you will STILL have all your information stored online where you can easily retrieve it.

Bonus advantage:

  • Automated Backups

That’s right! You can change a few settings here and there to make automated backups of certain parts of your PC. (This might only be available in premium versions), which leads into my next point…

  1. Affordability

With all these perks, you would think that it costs a fortune! Luckily there are a ton of affordable packages available for businesses.

Get a 10GB Cloud Storage at only R300.00 per year!

Cloud Storage Solutions South Africa

Cloud Storage Solutions South Africa

  1. Emailing made easier and faster

Another useful tool for Cloud Storage will be for making emails a bit more lightweight.

Instead of emailing a file of 7MB, you can just send the link of where they can download the file from your cloud storage. This way you won’t be cluttering up your mail box with the same documents every time you have to send them.

Cloud Storage is the way to go for businesses and personal storage solutions, from as little as R300.00 a year, don’t you think it’s worth it?

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